Post-mining Rehabilitation

The main impact of coal mining activities is the landscape alteration. Land that was once a forest, hills, plantation or agriculture land, become barren and filled with pits. Despite one of the condition to issue mining permit IUP is assurance of reclamation and the rehabilitation capacity post mining production, open pits are still found in many mining production areas. Cost becomes the main reason rehabilitation wasn’t conducted.

Reclamation assurance deposited to the district government evidently fail to fulfil rehabilitate the land. Aside to that, many operating mining companies does not have a reclamation assurance. CnC data showed by April 2016, there are a remaining 3,982 IUPs are Non-CnC from a total of 10,348 IUP in Indonesia, stating 61,52% with CnC status from the total IUP. One of the criteria of an issued CnC status is a reclamation deposit. With the high number of IUP lacking CnC, supposedly there will be small possibilities that companies will implement its rehabilitation plans.

This page will monitor the data of reclamation deposits and the implementation of the rehabilitation post-mining.